Faith Stories

Kelly Aljibury, May 25, 2023

Kelly Aljibury saw the writing on the wall – and on a few bumper stickers.The message, whether written across billboards, slapped onto bumpers or spraypainted across random walls, was always the same: “Jesus Loves You.”

This was about a year ago, soon after Kelly had a spiritual awakening in a meditation class.“I felt this glowing purple light and this overwhelming sense of unconditional love,” she said. “It was hugely transformative to me.”

So when these messages of Christ’s love began appearing, she was jolted. “OK, I hear you!” she responded. “I hear you!”

A commercial interior designer and mother of young twins, Kelly knew she had to find a spiritual community. She wanted a Christian church, yes, but one reasonably close to her Sorrento Mesa home; one that professed an open-minded, compassionate theology; and one that understood the power of ritual and prayer.

Last June, her search brought her to Good Samaritan Episcopal Church. “I went,” she noted, “and said this is the place.” Read Kelly's full story here.