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Hungry for connection with God? Hurting and looking for healing? At Good Samaritan, we don’t take God—or you—for granted. We are a medium-sized church of young and old who have found a spiritual home here. Small enough so everyone will know your name in a few weeks. Big enough for you to get involved in lots of ways. Our motto is simple: Love. Be Loved. We strive to offer the deep, radical love and welcome of Christ to all, both in our sanctuary and in the community. And if you aren’t sure what to believe, we give you room to explore. Come and see.

Whether you are new to us, coming back to church after a long time, disenchanted but inexplicably drawn, you're in good company. Our church members are seekers, longtime Christians, Christians who left church for a long time and came back, and more. We have a lot of "formers": former Catholics, former evangelicals, former agnostics. 

No matter who you are or where you have come from, you are welcome to explore slowly or to jump right in. Jesus ate with the rich and the poor, the Pharisees and the zealots, the sanctimonious and the sinners, the wise and the foolish. When we say we will bring the radical welcome and love of Jesus Christ to all people, we mean we want to be as inclusive as Jesus was, and we work at it.

Check out our links to the right to find out information about our church, our staff, how and when we worship, and more. If you're curious about any of our projects in the community or ways to serve the church, Check out our Get Involved page and our Ministries page.  

We'd love to meet you if that's possible. To arrange a meeting with our clergy, call (858) 458-1501.

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Early Worship Service
July 21, 2024

Join us for a short and simple said Eucharist service with readings, prayers and a sermon...

Main Worship Service
July 21, 2024

Contemporary, family-friendly worship service with music, readings, sermon. Childcare is...

Coffee Hour
July 21, 2024

Coffee Hour in Roetter Hall after the 10 a.m. service.

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