The Finance Committee is appointed by the Good Samaritan vestry to help it manage the finances of the church. Its members manage several aspects of our financial lives:

  • The Stewardship Coordinator leads us in year-round stewardship of our financial gifts, but most especially in the fall, when we have a pledge drive for the coming year of mission and ministry. Good Samaritan relies upon the pledged income of its members to determine its budget for the coming year. Our members' financial gifts provide the majority of our operating fund.
  • The Money Team counts donations that are given at church on Sundays or sent to us via the mail and records the donations in our financial database. They also are responsible for sending out quarterly statements to donors.
  • The Auditing Team works with both outside auditors and diocesan auditors to provide yearly audits of our finances.
  • Our Investments Committee manages our portfolio with the assistance of a portfolio manager.
  • Our outside accounting team manages our income and expenses, provides monthly reports, and manages payroll.

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