The Kind of Church We Are

Good Samaritan Episcopal Church is part of The Episcopal Church and the worldwide Anglican Communion. "Episcopal" just means that we have bishops, and we are organized in dioceses--geographical collections of churches who collaborate. We are part of the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego. We are a blend of ancient tradition and fresh, contemporary expressions of Christianity, especially in our music.

We are casual; you can come as you are. Really. We are scientists, social workers, artists, moms and dads, straight, gay, professors, students, babysitters, teachers, military, pacifist, nurses and doctors, retired, underemployed, liberal and conservative. We are progressive and inclusive. We pray the ancient creeds, and we apply them to today’s issues.

We take the Bible seriously--too seriously to take it literally on every point. Fed by the Spirit, we make Jesus known through the breaking of the Bread, prayer, Bible study, our loving care for one another, and our outreach to and advocacy for our community.

When you arrive at an in-person service, you are met by our greeters, who will give you a nametag if you like, and then led inside by our ushers, who can help you find what you need: childcare, listening devices, water, or whatever.

Our worship service follows a set "liturgy"--an order for how the service goes. It has four different Bible readings, lots of sung music, a sermon, prayer, and when we are together, Communion.