Small Groups

We have several types of small groups at Good Samaritan, one for every age and inclination. If you are interested in forming a new group or joining an existing one, please email Deann Rios, our Digital Evangelist, at

Young Adult Group

Our young adult group meets weekly, in person when possible, or virtually when necessary, to talk about their lives and their spiritual questions, and they pray together.

discipleship Groups

Groups of 4-10 people meet weekly or bi-weekly to discuss readings, their spiritual lives, and to share prayer.

YOung families group

Our group of young families gather monthly for kid-friendly activities and fellowship for everyone.

Sacred Ground Groups

Good Samaritan's members often participate in a 10-session series on racial reconciliation created by The Episcopal Church. It is called Sacred Ground, and it is a highly transformative experience. New groups are starting in September of 2020. 

Book groups

There are multiple book groups that meet monthly.

men's group

Men of the church have weekly meetings to discuss the Bible, other books, and their lives. They also meet once a month on Saturdays, and they typically go on retreat together each year. Along with the Women's Group, they organize fundraisers and support church projects.

women's group

Women of the church organize outings such as a yearly Chinese New Year meal as well as a bi-annual major fundraiser. They also help to put on the annual Women's Tea. Along with many other members of the church, they are active in outreach and fellowship.


Our senior members meet once a month on Fridays in local restaurants for fellowship. They also are very active in all ministries of the church.