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During the stay-at-home period, you can worship with us on Sundays on the Good Samaritan Episcopal Church Facebook page ( or our YouTube channel, GoodsamchurchSD. Plus you can pray with us on our Facebook page Monday through Saturday at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Searching for a Church?

Hungry for connection with God? Hurting and looking for healing? At Good Samaritan, we don’t take God—or you—for granted. We are a medium-sized church of young and old who have found a spiritual home here. Small enough so everyone will know your name in a few weeks. Big enough for you to get involved in lots of ways. Our motto is simple: Love. Be Loved. We strive to offer the deep, radical love and welcome of Christ to all, both in our sanctuary and in the community. And if you aren’t sure what to believe, we give you room to explore. Come and see.

Welcome from Our Pastor

Whoever you are and wherever you are on your journey of faith, you are welcome here. Jesus ate with the rich and the poor, the Pharisees and the zealots, the sanctimonious and the sinners, the wise and the foolish. When we say we will bring the radical welcome and love of Jesus Christ to all people, we mean we want to be as inclusive as Jesus was, and we work at it.

My personal journey to this place began in my Roman Catholic childhood. Although devout, I eventually left the Catholic Church in 2003. I tried nondenominational churches, but the rock concert feel and the separate room for kids just didn’t work for me.

In the Episcopal Church, I found the liturgical richness and ancient creeds of the Church—and women priests! I also loved Episcopalians’ emphasis on social justice and concern for the marginalized. More than anything, I love the Episcopal Church’s “big tent”—its intention to include many viewpoints and cultures. We don’t have a lot of black-and-white positions. The Episcopal Church makes me work out what I believe and put it into practice every day.

I have also found deep community in the Episcopal Church, both with God and with my church members. At Good Samaritan, our Community Life dinners, Bible studies, youth group, mission trips, food drives, retreats, and just plain old Sunday worship help us develop deep friendships among both longtime members and new people.

I invite you to stop by some Sunday and check us out. Then tell us what you think over a cup of coffee or tea. I’m at

~ The Rev. Janine Schenone, Rector of Good Samaritan

More Events Coming Soon

We find the service to be truly joy-filled and Christ-centered, and are regularly challenged by the preaching to consider how we respond to the Gospel in our daily lives. We enjoy all the opportunities to get involved in ways that work for us - from the Interfaith Homeless Shelter to Family Fun Nights, exploring our spiritual gifts to serving at the altar.

Jessica Ripper and David Jay

The quality of the preaching is Biblical, intellectually rigorous, and applicable to our lives; the style is conversational, with room for improvisation, rather than read from a script or delivered from the pulpit. There is love and good will among all ages, colors, genders, and gender identities.

Gary Chun

When I first came, I was new to the area and looking for a home away from home. I went to Good Sam partly because it was so close to where I lived. But everyone was just so overwhelmingly welcoming on my first Sunday that I came back the next week and just kept coming.

Xenia Grushetsky

I originally came to Good Sam for the Wednesday morning healing service. I had been away from my Episcopal roots for a long time, and those

Wednesday mornings were my first steps on my journey back home. For me, Good Samaritan has the beautiful structure and form of the Episcopal service and liturgy, and the sustenance and solace of communion, infused with a real commitment to being a living part of a changing and challenging world.

Jeanne Eigner

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