The Spirit of Truth Breathes Life Into Us

05/20/2018 | The Rev. Janine Schenone

The Day of Pentecost | John 15:26-27; 16:4b-15

Christ Is Our True Mother

05/13/2018 | The Rev. Janine Schenone

Seventh Sunday of Easter; Mother's Day | John 17:6-19

Your Choice

05/06/2018 | The Rev. Richard Lee

Sixth Sunday of Easter | John 15:9-17

Beloved, Love and Be Loved

04/29/2018 | The Rev. Janine Schenone

Fifth Sunday of Easter | John 15:1-8

Gathered to a Greatness

04/22/2018 | The Rev. Janine Schenone

Third Sunday of Easter; Good Shepherd Sunday; Earth Day | John 10:11-18


04/15/2018 | The Rev. Richard Lee

The Third Sunday of Easter | Luke 24:36b-48

The Light Comes In Through The Wounds

04/08/2018 | The Rev. Janine Schenone

The Second Sunday of Easter | John 20:19-31

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

04/01/2018 | The Rev. Janine Schenone

The Sunday of the Resurrection (Easter Day) | John 20:1-18

Look for Jesus Amid the Madding Crowd

03/25/2018 | The Rev. Janine Schenone

The Sunday of the Passion: Palm Sunday | Matthew 27:11-54

I Want to See Jesus

03/18/2018 | The Rev. Richard Lee

Fifth Sunday in Lent | John 12:20-33