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Would you say it like that to their face?

Would you say it like that to their face?

Would you say it like that to their face?

by Janine Schenone on October 15, 2020

Would you say it like that to their face?

As we slog through a tense and conflict-filled election season, we have seen the usual polarized verbal attacks in traditional media and also in social media.

 At times like this, we Christians have a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate our love of neighbor, especially neighbors with whom we disagree vehemently. And given how little we see of one another face to face, many of our expressions of our views are happening in social media, especially Facebook.

In social media, there is a tendency to say things more strongly than we would if we were in person. We don't take the same care in what we repost, or what we say about whole groups of people, because they aren't "there"--or so we think.

Already, church members feel alienated by what has been said by others in Facebook posts. Already, some have left. And as we approach the election results, there is an even greater potential for feelings to run high, and for people to vent in social media. We are a very active church in social media, and so we have a fresh chance to take care in how we express ourselves.

Here are some questions to help us take care in our social media discourse:

  • Would we respond to their post like that if we were talking to them in person?
  • Would we say that about a group of people if one of them was with us?
  • Would we say that about members of a political party if one of them was standing next to us to receive Communion?

I pray that we all will show ample grace to one another in the coming days and that God will guide our nation to a more peaceful and healthful 2021.

 Peace and all good,

Rev. Janine

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